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Irish actress lands role in top US TV comedy


Sonya Macari has got her break on US TV

Sonya Macari has got her break on US TV

Sonya Macari has got her break on US TV

AFTER two years of auditions in Hollywood an Irish actress has finally got her break on US TV -- but will adopt an Italian accent in her new role.

Sonya Macari will be seen across America next March in a co-starring role on NBC comedy 'Chuck'

The 29-year-old from Clonee in Co Meath will play an Italian spy in the third season of the comedy series, which stars actor Zachary Levi as a shop worker with a chip containing spy secrets embedded in his brain.

"As regards opening doors, getting a part on a show like this is huge. It's the break I have been working towards these last few years," said Macari.

The former model revealed that she auditioned for the role in Italian, with the TV show's producers only finding out she was Irish when she turned up on set.

"I just didn't want to confuse them. The lines I was given were Italian. They might not have noticed I was speaking Italian with an Irish accent," she said.

It is understood that viewers in Ireland will be able to watch the NBC comedy on Sky in the coming months.

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