Monday 16 December 2019

‘I’d come over to your house and break your legs’ – Ryan Tubridy struggles to keep emotions in check during live interview with domestic abuser

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

RYAN Tubridy struggled to keep his emotions in check during an extraordinary interview with a self-confessed domestic abuser live on air this morning.

The normally composed RTE presenter struggled to keep his cool while interviewing a man, known only as Chris, on his RTE 2FM show this morning.

Chris admitted that he was convicted in the UK 20 years ago for domestic violence.

“It was physical violence there was none of the sexual side of things. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was wrong.

“While I totally agree the primary thing is to keep the women and children safe and away from harm’s way.

“Very little gets done to the perpetrator other than mooted out punishment. There’s not recommendation for therapies or behavioural treatments, and I feel that’s something that desperately needs to be done.

He went into detail on the abuse he subjected his wife to.

“There’s nothing small about the situation, but there was the verbal side of the abuse. There would be slaps, punches – pretty much among those lines really.

“There’ll be something in your psyche that could lead you to pick a fight, or something said which triggers you in some way.

Tubridy was clearly struggling to understand his caller’s motivations, asking him:

 “When a woman is bent down, cowering in the kitchen, saying ‘please stop doing this to me?’, how do you, as an intelligent articulate man, keep going?”

Chris suggested that self confidence issues were the root of the problem.

He told of how his wife stayed with him despite the abuse.

“The first time was a major shock to her. She was married to a guy that she loved and was looking to the future.

“As is usual I promised that I would never do it again, and believed that I might. But it came again and again and again.

“I would begin to pick a fight for no apparent reason, or there’d be subjects she felt apprehensive about talking about”

He explained how it reached a point when he was reported to police:

“I beat her to a point where she thought she had a broken bone, and she went to the hospital.

“Once she went to the hospital the bruising was showing by that point.

"They X-rayed her for a broken bone, and that’s when the police were called into the matter.

Tubridy lost his cool after Chris explained that he and his wife continued to live together after his conviction – and how he even beat her during this time.

A shocked Tubridy told him:

“I’m trying to be really measured here. We appreciate you coming on to tell the story, and yet... every time.... if you did that to somebody I loved I swear to god I would have personally called over and broke your legs.

“If it was my sister, my mother, I’d have been over to your house. I couldn’t help myself. I wouldn’t let you out the door.

“I know that’s violent, and I know that’s wrong. But I think it’s man-to-man”.

Despite clearly being shaken by the call – the ‘Late Late’ show host thanked Chris for coming on the show, and commended him for speaking out on the issue.

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