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‘I can take your vile jokes but leave my disabled son alone’


Katie Price, aka Jordan, pictured on a day out with son Harvey. Photo: Getty Images

Katie Price, aka Jordan, pictured on a day out with son Harvey. Photo: Getty Images

Katie Price, aka Jordan, pictured on a day out with son Harvey. Photo: Getty Images

Glamour model Katie Price has spoken for the first time of the heartache and pain caused to her and her disabled son Harvey (9) over controversial jokes about him made by comedian Frankie Boyle.

Ms Price, better known as Jordan, has made a documentary about the child who is almost blind, suffers from autism and a clinical condition that means he can’t control his appetite. His father is the former footballer Dwight Yorke.

“To convey the full impact of what Boyle said on his Channel 4 ‘comedy’ show last December, I must, I’m afraid, repeat his offensive remarks in full,” she writes in today’s Daily Mail.

“To begin with, he said my ex-husband, Peter Andre, and I had been fighting over custody of Harvey. ‘Eventually one of them will lose and have to keep him,’ Boyle said.

That is the type of cruel offence we expect disabled people to accept. If you are disabled, you are a burden, and people want rid of you.

Then Boyle made a remark so offensive it has no place in civilised society.

Referring to my second marriage, to Alex Reid — we have since separated — he said: ‘I have a theory about the reason Jordan married a cage-fighter — she needed a man strong enough to stop Harvey from f***ing her.’

I can’t overstate the outrage and revulsion I felt when I heard this attack on my vulnerable, disabled son. I am used to defending myself against insults and, at times, justified criticism. ‘’

Ms Price said that while she regretted the mistakes of her own life she could answer back while her son could not.

She admitted that Harvey’s behaviour can be very challenging, but said that she would not swap him for an able-bodied child nor would she ever put him into residential care.

“My home will be his until the day I die and beyond,” she said.

She revealed that Harvey needs medication six times a day to control his conditions, including an injection each night and he would die without this level of care.

“We have good days and bad days, funny days and challenging days, but I do not focus on what Harvey cannot do. He is my son and I love him to bits, which is why I will fight like a tigress for him — and for millions of children like him — against bullies like Frankie Boyle and the broadcasters who air him.

“Boyle may think his humour is brave and ground-breaking. I think it’s pitiful, sickening and cruel. If he met my son, I think he’d feel remorse and shame for the remarks he made,” she said.

Katie: Standing Up For Harvey, Sky Living, tonight at 9pm