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Homeless X Factor contestant Robbie Hance: ‘I’d rather be homeless than have anything more to do with X Factor’


HOMELESS X Factor contestant Robbie Hance has slammed producers of the show over their treatment of him.

The singer walked off stage and left the competition during Saturday night’s boot camp show, as it appeared he forgot the words to his song.

However he now claims he knew the words, but that he walked off due to feeling he wasn’t good enough to be there.

“When I finally stepped on that stage, all I could hear was a voice telling me ‘you don’t deserve this’. I knew the words of the song but I couldn’t sing them”, the singer told The Sun.

He explained he didn’t like producers continued use of him being homeless: “I was so sick of my stupid back story, so I walked out. But I’m sorry I let Adam and Jake down.”

Hance added he felt the only reason he had made it so far was thanks to his back story: “I am sure I only made it through to boot camp because I told the crew I was homeless. That’s all anyone ever spoke to me about.”

He also claims X Factor publicising his back story has prevented him getting work: “Thanks to the X Factor everyone recognises me as a homeless thief and they won’t touch me with a barge pole – but I’d rather be homeless than have anything more to do with X Factor”.

Hance also claimed that he asked the show for €20 to buy food and a hostel place, however he was told this wasn’t allowed as it could be seen as favouritism.

“Every time I asked for help the answer was the same, so I stopped asking”, he explained.

A Spokesperson for the show said: “While the contestants are in our care we enforce a fair and consistent policy on accommodation, travel and sustenance. The welfare of contestants is always our priority.

“The judges decide which acts are put through to boot camp based on the strength of their performances and Robbie received four yeses”, he added.

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