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Hair-raising costs paid off for RTé

It made front-page news.

But I can reveal that RTÉ made more in advertising revenue from their 2011 Eurovision bid than it cost to send Jedward out to Dusseldorf this year.

And the numbers don't come from the station, but from a leading media buyer. According to figures published last week, RTÉ spent €160,000 sending Ireland's entry to the contest this year.

This included the cost of accommodating the Irish delegation in Dusseldorf, which came to €49,628; economy flights costing €11,657; and production costs of €19,417.

But Craig Farrell, managing director of leading media buying company Starcom, has estimated that RTÉ made at least €172k back in advertising revenue from Eurovision this year, taking into account seven-and-a-half hours of broadcasts over two semi-finals and a grand final.

"RTÉ charged a premium for the Eurovision and were asking for €6,000 for a 30-second spot. This worked out at about €148k over the second semi-final and final from ad revenue.

"They also were able to sell advertising in the first semi-final, which didn't feature Jedward, and this brought the total up to €172k," Mr Farrell told the Diary.

No reason not to send Jedward back out next year then?

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