Monday 9 December 2019

Goodbye Letterman:

We remember some of David Letterman's best moments

The longest serving TV host in US history David Letterman has announced his retirement, but won't be finishing his famous, long-running show until 2015. Nevertheless, here's a run down of some of his best moments behind his table.

1. Cher's stormy first appearance

It started off harmless enough with David Letterman asking about how nice she smell. She sits down with her arms folded and slightly awkwardly laughs every now and then. The true feelings become apparent at around 3.55 minutes in.


2. Letterman admits his affairs

Arguably one of his most famous moments, in 2009 Letterman revealed details of his sex life and the extortion that followed. Oddly, he mingled humour within it.



3.Joaquin Phoenix's unusual slot

The Oscar-nominated actor was less than polite when appearing on the show. He stuck his gum on the table and drank poor David's coffee. Nevertheless, the host handled it well.



4. Madonna drops the f-bomb live on air

Not one to hold back, Madge broke a strict rule of American live TV. Skip to 3 minutes in if you want to hear the expletitive.


5. Fire! Richard Simmons brings the heat up

All the fitness fan wanted to do was show of a fancy steamer. It didn't go to well. Okay, it may have been a tad staged, but it gave us a laugh.


6. Jack Bauer's fashion style

Kiefer Sutherland's appearance in a dress was brilliantly unapologetic.

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