Friday 24 January 2020

Georgia Salpa's 'Tallafornia' blast is hypocritical, says star of TV3 reality show

Georgia Salpa branded TV3 reality show Tallafornia 'repulsive'
Georgia Salpa branded TV3 reality show Tallafornia 'repulsive'
Tallafornia star Kelly Donegan says top model Georgia Salpa should concentrate on her own career rather than judge others


A war of words has broken out between Tallafornia beauty Kelly Donegan and Ireland's top model Georgia Salpa.

Reality star Kelly has hit back after the FHM model called antics in the hit TV3 show "repulsive".

Commenting on the ratings winner, which attracted a combined peak audience of more than a half million viewers for the final episode, Salpa scoffed at the female stars of the show, saying: "They were all really drunk and you could see the girls arses," before branding the prime-time programme as "repulsive".

Now brunette Kelly has taken the lads' mag model down to size, telling Salpa: "That's laughable coming from someone who has their ass out consistently for her job. I came across a photograph of her today with no underpants on -- it's just completely hypocritical.

"Tallafornia is a show that splits opinions, that's what it's meant to do," she said.

"It's controversial and entertaining -- if you find it repulsive pick up the remote and switch off.

"In reality you would see much worse on Harcourt Street on a Saturday night.

"I'm a very positive person and I take my hat off to her and what she's done but I think you should concentrate on your own career and not be too quick to judge others."

The comments come days after the failed presidential candidate Senator David Norris called for a debate about standards in Irish life after he watched an episode of the show.

It is reported the station has successfully applied to trademark the Tallafornia name and logo.

Meanwhile, TV3 is said to be planning to launch a range of merchandise themed on its controversial reality series including cosmetics, board games, umbrellas, smart phone apps and jewellery.

Producers of the show have just received the green light for a second series, which began in January.

Speaking about her success following the show, Kelly -- who is dating Tallafornia co-star Dave Behan -- said: "It's unbelievable the response we're getting.

"I do get attention from guys but it's usually harmless comments. I think women are a lot more creepier when it comes to approaching my boyfriend Dave, giving him their telephone numbers and stuff.

"But we're very openly together and everyone knows that and things are going really well."

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