Saturday 18 January 2020

Fruit and veg 'can make hayfever worse' – new study

Women with allergies
Women with allergies

Rebecca Smith

EATING certain fruits, vegetables and spices can cause problems for hayfever sufferers, as four in ten also have food allergies, a study has found.

The charity Allergy UK has found that food allergies can exacerbate hayfever symptoms, meaning some people suffer all year round.

Others develop typical food allergy symptoms such as an itchy mouth, swelling of the lips and even difficulty breathing.

Research conducted by the charity has found that four in ten hayfever sufferers also develop symptoms to nuts, fruit, vegetables or spices.

Lindsey McManus, Allergy UK said:: “Fifteen years ago oral allergy syndrome was considered unusual but now it is increasingly commonplace.

“The condition is caused by the proteins in some fruit, nuts, vegetables and spices triggering a cross-reaction in someone with hay fever.

“When they eat a food that shares similar proteins as the pollen, it can cause an allergic reaction, such as, an itchy mouth, swelling or tingling of lips and tongue.”

Around 15m people suffer from hayfever and around one quarter do not realise that foods can cause symptoms also.

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