Friday 15 November 2019

Fr Ted creator Graham Linehan rings 2FM by mistake, and gets put on air

Graham Linehan
Graham Linehan

‘Father Ted’ creator Graham Linehan was left a little bemused when he accidentally ended up chatting to Ryan Tubridy instead of Ray D’Arcy whom he meant to call.

The comedy writer was meant to be quizzed by Ray D’Arcy  about his new TV show The Walshes but accidentally called the good people at 2FM who transferred him straight through to Ryan.

“Just had the best experience. I was supposed to be on a phone-in show in Ireland & I rang the wrong show and they PUT ME ON ANYWAY,” he wrote afterwards on twitter.

Graham became aware of the mix up when he rang Today FM to complain about the nature of his interview with Ryan.

“After putting the phone down I complained to the press person. “What was the point of that?" "What?" she said. "You haven't been on yet!" he said. "I have! Just now!" "No, you haven't. They're waiting for you!" "WHO DID I JUST SPEAK TO?"

He went on to clarify; “I wasn't supposed to be on Turbidy's show!”

But 2FM say they weren’t fleecing Ray’s guests, it was all just a great big mix up. “Graham was meant to appear on our show on Wednesday but never called in so when he accidentally rang in today we transferred him through,” an RTE spokesperson said.

“Ryan had done all the research so he was able to conduct the interview.” 

It comes the day after Nicky Byrne gave  prize money to Ray D'Arcy listeners, who texted him by mistake.

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