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Film Highlights Tuesday

Hyde Park on Hudson (2013)


Sky Movies Drama, 11.00pm

Though crippled by childhood polio, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was of an amorous disposition and enjoyed a rich and complex private life. His relationship with his wife Eleanor was more of a political partnership than a marriage, and left FDR free to vigorously pursue other interests.

This comic drama from Roger Michell is based on the letters of Margaret 'Daisy' Suckley, a distant cousin of Roosevelt's with whom he may have had an affair. Bill Murray plays the President, who's busy chasing after Daisy (Laura Linney) when King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth come to America for a visit that proves extremely important.

'Hyde Park on Hudson' is watchable enough, but more of a pantomime than a serious drama, and Bill Murray is badly miscast in the lead role.

The Time Machine (1960)


Film Four, 12.45pm

Rod Taylor stars in this decent adaptation of HG Wells' novel about a Victorian scientist who invents a time machine and travels to the distant future, where he meets a lovable, gentle people called the Eloi and falls in love with one of them, then helps defend them from a cannibalistic subterranean tribe. Starring Yvette Mimieux.

The Hours (2003)


Sky Movies Drama, 1.00pm

Adapted by David Hare from the novel by Michael Cunningham, Stephen Daldry's fine drama stars Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf, whose life and death has a profound effect on two other woman who will read her work after she's gone. Starring Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore.

Tombstone (1993)


Sky Movies Action, 8.00pm

This 90s western loosely based on the 50s classic gunfight at the OK Corral stars Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp, whose plan to retire quietly in Tombstone, Arizona, is scuppered when a gang of outlaws ride into town looking for a confrontation. With Val Kilmer.

From Hell (2001)


TCM, 9.00pm

In this gory thriller set in Victorian London, Johnny Depp is Fred Abberline, a police inspector and clairvoyant whose interest in the Ripper murders is intensified when he begins to fall in love with an East End prostitute who may be in the firing line.

Mean Machine (2001)


Sky Movies Action, 11.50pm

The artful guile of Vinnie Jones' footballing style led to a series of international appearances for Wales. In this film, however, he plays an English soccer star who, after falling from grace for fixing a match against Germany, is sent to prison where he is forced to lead a team of inmates in a game against the prison guards.

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