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Film Highlights Sunday

The Skin I Live In (2011)


BBC4, 9.00pm

Pedro Almodovar's powerful gothic drama evokes the great horror films of the 1930s, and stars Antonio Banderas as Robert Ledgard, an eminent cosmetic surgeon who announces that he's cultivated a new kind of skin which is smooth, durable and impervious to heat.

He claims he's perfected it by using mice, but it soon becomes clear he's been experimenting on a larger subject. Ledgard has been holding a young woman captive in his secluded Toledo home.

Vera (Elena Anaya) lives in a soundproofed room and her only human contact is with the doctor, who treats her with a mixture of tenderness and disdain.

Her skin is suspiciously smooth and flawless, and it emerges that Ledgard has been gradually reshaping her in the image of his dead wife. With Marisa Paredes and Jan Cornet.

Goldfinger (1964)


UTV, 3.40pm

In the Bond film that had the nerve to call one of its female characters Pussy Galore, Sean Connery's 007 travels to Kentucky to thwart the evil plans of Auric Goldfinger and his grandiose scheme to steal all the gold from Fort Knox. With Honor Blackman.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

Video of the Day


TV3, 4.00pm

Jim Carrey is very entertaining in this nicely made black comedy based on the children's stories of David Handler. When two children inherit a fortune after their parents are killed in a fire, they are relentlessly pursued by an odious relative called Olaf. With Billy Connolly, Emily Browning and Jude Law.

Exit Wounds (2001)


TCM, 10.00pm

Formulaic action thriller starring Steven Seagal as Orin Boyd, an unconventional Detroit cop who uncovers a web of corruption and venality when he's transferred to one of the most notorious precincts in the city. With Eva Mendes, Isaiah Washington, Anthony Anderson, Tom Arnold, Bruce McGill and Michael Jai White.

The Sitter (2011)


Sky Movies Comedy, 11.30pm

Comedy starring Jonah Hill as Noah Griffith, a college dropout who's so desperate for money that he agrees to babysit for a neighbour's kids. But when he gets a call from his girlfriend, he brings the children into the city with him and ends up getting mixed up with a violent drug dealer. With Ari Graynor.

Breaking and Entering (2006)


BBC1, 11.50pm

Complex, ambitious drama from the late Anthony Mingella starring Jude Law as an architect whose rather arid domestic life with his girlfriend is disturbed by a series of break-ins that involve him with a group of Bosnians and the legacy of the Balkan wars.

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