Sunday 15 December 2019

Film Highlights Friday

Get Him to the Greek (2010)


RTE Two, 9.45pm

Russell Brand (above, with Johah Hill) delivers perhaps his finest screen performance to date in this witty and irreverant Nicholas Stoller comedy. Stoller and Brand worked together on the 2008 rom-com 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall': in that film, Brand played hedonistic rock star Aldous Snow, and the character is revived in 'Get Him to the Greek'.

Jonah Hill is Aaron Green, a sweet and gullible record company executive who's sent to London to locate Aldous Snow and escort him to Los Angeles for a concert that might just revive his flagging career.

Needless to say there are all sorts of drink and drug-fuelled disasters along the way, and Brand and Hill make a pretty slick double act all in all.

With Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Moss, Zoe Salmon and Tyler McKinney. The Longest Day (1962)


Film Four, 11am

Handsome, three-hour-long historical drama that painstakingly recreates the events surrounding the D-Day landings in Normandy on June 6th, 1944 that helped turn the tide of the Second World War. A strong cast includes John Wayne and Henry Fonda.

Funny People (2009)


TV3, 9pm

Gloomy Judd Apatow comic drama starring Adam Sandler as a rich and rather arrogant comedian called George Simmons who is diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of cancer, and then forms an unlikely relationship with a young stand-up called Ira Wright. With Leslie Mann and Seth Rogen.

The Kentuckian (1955)


TG4, 9.35pm

Burt Lancaster's one and only attempt at directing is a thoughtful and measured western starring himself as Elias Wakefield, a tough frontiersman who heads west with his son to start a new life in Texas, and encounters trouble – and women – along the way. With Dianne Foster.

Please Give (2010)


RTE One, 11.55pm

Indie favourites Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt star in Nicole Holofcener's dark comic drama about Kate and Alex, a bohemian New York couple who buy and resell vintage furniture. Kate experiences a midlife crisis when she begins feeling guilty about having duped some of her clients. With Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall.

Withnail and I (1987)


Channel 4, 12.30am

In Bruce Robinson's celebrated cult comedy, Paul McGann and Richard Grant play a couple of 'resting' actors who decide they need a break from their squalid London flat and embark on a disastrous and ill-advised holiday in the Lake District. With Richard Griffiths and Michael Elphick.

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