Thursday 23 November 2017

Film Highlights Friday

JFK (1991)


RTE Two, 9.00pm

Whatever else one might say about him, Oliver Stone (above) does not make dull films, and this tense political saga based around the assassination of John F. Kennedy is great fun, and brilliantly put together.

Though scrupulously accurate in some regards, Stone's film makes some pretty wild claims about who – apart from Lee Harvey Oswald – might have plotted to kill the much-loved President, and at one point even goes to far as to suggest that Kennedy's second-in-command Lyndon Johnson might have been in on it.

Kevin Costner plays DA Jim Garrison, whose investigations into the Dallas assassination convince him that Oswald did not act alone and was the dupe of a group that could include everyone from dissident Cubans to the mob. With Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pesci.

20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)


Channel 4, 12.30pm

In this B-movie classic, a US army rocket is returning from a scientific mission to Venus when it crashes off the Sicilian coast and a giant clawed monster escapes, swims to land and begins chowing down on the locals. Watch out for the pioneering stop-motion special effects of Ray Harryhausen.

Evan Almighty (2007)


ITV2, 8.00pm

Sequel to the Jim Carrey film Bruce Almighty starring Steve Carell as a rookie congressman who's just settling in to his new life in Washington when God appears to him in the form of Morgan Freeman and tells him he needs to build an ark because a flood is coming. John Goodman co-stars.

Die Hard 4.0 (2007)


E4, 9.00pm

Bruce Willis returned as John McClane in this very solid 2007 revival of the 'Die Hard' franchise. This time McClane is up against Timothy Olyphant's hi-tech terrorist, who wants to bring America to its knees by crashing the computers that run it, in order to prove a political point. With Justin Long.

Mad Detective (2007)


TG4, 11.35pm

Surreal and very inventive Hong Kong crime drama starring Lau Ching-Wan as Inspector Chane Kwai-Bun, a brilliant but mentally unstable cop who can see into the hearts of suspects and is brought out of retirement to help locate a missing cop whose gun has been used in a series of violent robberies.

The Brothers Grimm (2005)


BBC1, 11.50pm

In Terry Gilliam's dark gothic fairytale, Heath Ledger and Matt Damon play Will and Jake Grimm, brothers who travel from village to village apparently vanquishing mythical beasts, but in reality are confidence tricksters who stage the problems they solve. With Monica Bellucci.

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