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Fibonacci drama adds up to good telly

PEOPLE used to say telly turned your brain to mush, but a new raft of telly dramas require a cerebral cortex firing on all cylinders.

For decades, we happily watched cops and lawyers in unchallenging, visual chewing- gum genres. But long-running series such as Law & Order are being cancelled.

In its place are the high- concept shows. These big idea dramas have been tried before with series like Heroes, a superhero drama so high in concept that it fell off a cliff.

The newest high-concept kid on the block is Touch, created by the executive producer of Heroes Tim Kring.

It started on Sky 1 on Tuesday, featuring Kiefer Sutherland as an ex-journalist with an 11-year- old son who can figure out the future because he's in tune with Fibonacci sequences . . . mathematical sequences found in seeds and flowers.

You have to do hard sums to understand it -- but it's a strangely watchable bit of telly.

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