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Fair ladies show faces

I'M delighted to see the eternally youthful Morah Ryan out and about.

The late Gerry's lovely widow was in Gill Ronan's Town Bar & Grill recently with her best friend, Rosie Campbell (she and her husband Graham, who used to own Mao, have just opened the Hen House in Dun Laoghaire). Morah, who was wearing a shimmering black dress, came in at 8pm and left a couple of hours later.

And another enigmatic woman has re-emerged into our lives -- Tatiana Ouliankina, formerly of RTE soap Fair City, came along to the launch of Jakki Moore and Nuala Holloway's art exhibition at Sol Gallery on Dawson Street in Dublin on the Friday of last weekend.

Tatiana, who is married to Jakki's brother John, was in America for a year but, returned home to Dublin recently. She and John have just come back from a sun holiday in Spain. No wonder Tatiana's hair is so film-star golden.

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