Thursday 19 September 2019

Edele Lynch is crowned winner of Celebrity Apprentice

The B*Witched star beat Amanda Brunker in a closely contested final
The B*Witched star beat Amanda Brunker in a closely contested final
Caroline Downey pictured at the wrap party for Celebrity Apprentice show.

Laura Butler

SINGER Edele Lynch said that winning ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ reminded her of her potential as a career woman and restored her confidence.

The B*Witched star beat Amanda Brunker in a closely contested finale of the TV3 series last night, with Caroline Downey awarding Lynch the title after her team’s renovation challenge in a Down Syndrome Ireland Latch On educational centre, using items sourced from

“In the beginning if you’d told me I’d be the winner, I would’ve been shocked, but I really grew into myself throughout the show and while I don’t think I’ve changed as a person, I’ve reminded myself what I’m capable of,” Lynch told the Irish Independent.

“I stopped doing any sort of business when I become a mother and that all kind of was behind me when I started a family.

“I definitely believe in myself more now though,” she said.

Mother-of-three Lynch said that she felt such an emotional attachment to the children she was helping by renovating a Latch On classroom that it spurred her on to triumph, despite her nerves in taking on the task.

“I knew nothing about refurbishment or dealing with families with kids with Down Syndrome, so there was a huge personal growth for me,” the 34-year-old said.

“It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and my heart was completely in it, as soon as I met the children who’d be benefiting from what we were there to do.

“I’ve even been back there to do extra things that we couldn’t do during the programme.”

Lynch raised €45,000 for her charity, the Laura Lynn House, over the course of the six week competition.

It will support two families’ respite care for an entire year.

“It’s great to hand that money over and actually see what it will go to and how it can help a family in such a huge way like that, especially with the state of the country at the moment,” Lynch said.

She was toasted at the official wrap party in Dublin’s 37 Dawson Street last night, which saw Caroline Downey and her advisors, John McGuire and Liz ODonnell, as well as several of the contestants turn out to congratulate her.

Asked if she would participate in another reality competition, Lynch admitted she would love to be on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

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