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Dunphy: Roy may be an ass, but RTE should sign him up


Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images

Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images

O'Herlihy presenting RTE's
Munich Olympics coverage
in 1972

Bill O'Herlihy presenting RTE's Munich Olympics coverage in 1972

Bill on the phone in RTE

Bill on the phone in RTE

Bill with legendary
broadcaster Michael

Bill with legendary broadcaster Michael O'Hehir

Bill in 1974

Bill in 1974


Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images

ROY KEANE might be "a bit of an ass" and a "rent-a-quote", but Eamon Dunphy believes RTE would be on to a winner if it managed to nab him as a pundit for the Euro 2012 championships this summer.

Despite their many public spats in the past, Mr Dunphy insists the possible addition of Mr Keane to the RTE panel would be a massive coup.

Mr Dunphy was reacting to comments in a new documentary on the life of Bill O'Herlihy in which the legendary sports anchor says he would love to see Mr Keane in the RTE studio alongside Mr Dunphy and John Giles as Ireland play in Poland.

Speaking to the Irish Independent last night, Mr Dunphy said Mr Keane would undoubtedly prove a massive draw -- but expressed doubts about whether the former Ireland and Manchester United skipper could cut it as a broadcaster.

"Roy Keane is box office, up to a point. But he tends to see everything through his own perspective and I think he's become a bit of an ass to be honest with you," Mr Dunphy said.


"I'd be delighted to see the interaction between Liam (Brady), John, Bill, myself and him but it's not my call. In my opinion he's become a bit of a rent-a-quote."

Mr Keane recently dipped his toe into punditry for the first time for ITV, and quickly got involved in a row with former manager Alex Ferguson.

But in a new RTE documentary on his life, Mr O'Herlihy said Mr Keane's stint on the rival station could pave the way for him to work as a pundit during Euro 2012.

"A person I would love to have on the panel would be Roy Keane," he said. "He would create huge waves if he came on. You never know he might in the Europeans. We'll see."

"I've no idea if RTE are in talks with Roy. But I think Bill has good journalistic instinct and he'd be thinking if we had Roy Keane it would be a good move," added Mr Dunphy.

In the 'Little Bit' TV series to mark RTE's 50th anniversary, Mr O'Herlihy said he does regret saying he intended to retire after he presents his 10th Olympic Games this summer.

"I don't feel like retiring at this stage and John Giles told me I was very silly to even bring it up and it was a stupid thing to say," he said.

"In fact it would have changed the dynamic between all of us if one of us left."

But he also admitted it was tough refereeing the pair when they famously fell out in 2002 over Mr Dunphy's claims that Mr Giles had made a bad tackle that ended another player's career.

He said: "It was difficult. If I remember correctly they were about a year not talking to each other and it did affect their relationship for a while but they are back again."

'TV50: A Little Bit TV -- Bill O'Herlihy' will be shown on RTE One tomorrow at 7pm.

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