Monday 20 January 2020

Dermot O’Leary: ‘Mel B is like a mini Sharon Osbourne...she’ll clash with anyone’

Freya Drohan

The long serving X Factor host reveals what he really thinks about judges Cheryl, Simon, Louis and Mel.

Dermot O’Leary has been presenting the much loved talent show since 2007.

Ahead of the new series, he spills the perks and pitfalls of his job, and what we can expect from the 2014 judging panel.

The 41-year-old thinks that viewers are in for a treat with Mel B, who he says is “unproducable”:

“Mel for me is almost like a mini Sharon Osbourne,” he says.“It doesn’t matter what anyone says to her, she knows her own mind. I think you need someone like that on the panel, you need someone who will make their decision instinctively and shoots from the hip.”

On the other hand, he promises that newly wed Cheryl Fernandez Versini is “incredibly insightful and really intelligent”.

He maintains that the two stars are getting on at the moment, but thinks that Mel is bound to clash with anyone.

“I think Simon and Cheryl will clash a fair bit in studio,” he adds. “Louis digs his heels in about the strangest things – it could be an outfit, a song choice, someone’s hair, it’s never something particularly controversial.”

Having been on hand for the last eight seasons, Dermot admits he loved the brutal honesty and feisty disagreements.

If the shoe were on the other fit, he believes he would be too soft to be on the cut throat judging panel.

Having witnessed his fair share of bizarre and bonkers moments over the years, one wonders what his highlights are:

“They invariably involvemore colourful contestants, so Wagner doing Love Shack, Jedward doing Ghostbusters. But then I love the moments where someone will just pick up an audition song and absolutely sing – I remember Ella Henderson’s first audition was out of this world, James Arthur I remember watching grow, and the same with Olly [Murs]."

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