Sunday 26 January 2020

Derek Mooney vows to end his life if he faces terminal illness

RTE broadcaster Derek Mooney says he wants his life ended if he ever faces a terminal illness.

The presenter who is 46 said he made the decision after watching his mum and brother suffer agonising deaths.

He said: “I’ve told everyone I know to put me on a plane to Switzerland because that is how I’d like to end my life.

“Religion doesn’t come into it. If you don’t have a quality of life, you don’t have a life.

“I’m not one for pain. Maybe it’s also because I’m on my own that my views are coloured that way.

“Maybe I have a different view because I don’t have a family or kids, I don’t have a wife or a partner. That could be the reason.

“But I’m also a practical person and I don’t believe in dragging things out unnecessarily for myself.”

Derek who is openly gay says he fears growing old alone.

“Of course I worry about getting older and being single. But what can I do about it? I can’t click my fingers and magic someone into the room. It’s not like that.

“I’d love to meet somebody, who wouldn’t? Everybody wants somebody. They say certain things make you stronger  but you also hear that single men die younger than men in a relationship.

“I wonder is that true? I wouldn’t like to go through my 70s on my own but equally I wouldn’t like to live to my 70s if I wasn’t healthy”.

The TV and radio stars says that the new TV series Secrets of the Irish Landscape, which delves into our unique flora and fauna is the best thing he’s ever done.

He told the RTE Guide: “I have wanted for years to make a Spring Watch programme. I wanted to do a chat show, it was my dream as a kid.

“Of all of the TV that I have done so far in my life this Secrets of the Irish Landscape is the one that I’m most proud of.”

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