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Deal or no deal to face gambling probe


CHANNEL 4 game show ‘deal or no deal’ may have to move to a post watershed slot, if an investigation into the show by the gambling commission finds against it.

It has been suggested that the Noel Edmonds fronted afternoon game show could be breaking gambling rules, as it involves no elements of skill, and such games require a gambling licence.

A source told the Daily Mail that the gambling commission sees no evidence of any elements of skill on display in the programme.

The source continued "Even though at the beginning of the show, contestants do not have to stake any of their own money, the argument is that once they've picked a box, which could contain a lot of cash, in subsequent rounds they are in effect gambling with their own money."

The former CEO of Endemol, the production company behind ‘deal or no deal’, told The Guardian that any decision against the show would have far reaching implications, pointing out the show’s format has been sold to countries where gambling is completely illegal.

A Spokesperson for Channel 4 declined to comment on the situation.

The game involves the player choosing one of the red boxes on offer, which contains a cash amount. The player must then eliminate the other boxes before being left with two – the one they initially chose and the last one they haven’t eliminated.

The player then chooses to keep their own box or swap with the last player, winning the cash amount contained within, which could be anywhere from 1p to £250,000 (€300,000). Throughout the show ‘the banker’ offers to buy the player’s box off them, allowing them to walk away.