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Danes' name is up in friday night lights

Ricky Gervais, who's now such a cosy member of the Hollywood establishment that he affects to ridicule, once again hosted the Golden Globe Awards, which bestowed honours on the much-lauded American TV drama Homeland and its lead actress, Claire Danes.

Currently showing on RTÉ Two, Homeland certainly has an asset in Danes, who plays an unstable FBI agent convinced that an American prisoner of war found after years in Iraq and now back home to a hero's welcome has been indoctrinated by al-Qa'ida and is about to commit an atrocity on American soil.

The soldier in question, Damian Lewis, is unnervingly good, while Danes brings a depth to her role that isn't in the script, but so far the series isn't as innovative or radical as its US admirers have been insisting.

Still, it's nice to have a Friday night series so compelling you don't even think about what you might be missing on The Late Late Show. Probably nothing anyway.

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