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Thursday 23 January 2020

Controversial Katie Hopkins deliberately gains three stone for tv documentary

Katie Hopkins
Various at the Oxford Union, Britain - Nov 2013
Photo by ROGER@ROGERASKEWPHOTOGRAPHY.CO.U/REX (3406609p) Katie Hopkins Various at the Oxford Union, Britain - Nov 2013

Freya Drohan

The journalist will appear in a television documentary entitled 'Journey to Fat and Back'.

Newspaper columnist and talk show regular Katie Hopkins is notoriously outspoken, and has engaged in her fare share of infamous debates.

The former army cadet became a household name after a heated discussion with TV hosts Holly Willoughy and Phillip Schofield over 'unusual' baby names. .

The journalist once notably clashed with the late Peaches Geldof over 'attachment parenting', and has been vocal that she blames "fat mums" for overweight children.

"It’s absolutely the parent’s fault that those children are fat," she said on This Morning last year. "They need to look in the mirror, look at themselves, and realise it’s their fault."

She also once told The Sun newspaper that obese people look "lazy", and routinely targets celebrities such as Lily Allen and TOWIE's Gemma Collins over their weight.


For 'Journey to Fat and Back', Hopkins upped her daily calorie intake to 6,500, wolfing down junk food in order to gain three stone.

The purpose?  To show that weight loss is possible and anyone who says it isn't is merely "blaming everyone else for problems they can control".

In her column for The Sun she wrote,

"So far I have eaten 13 ready meals a day. Chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, curries, chips, cake, cream — I’ve scoffed it all."

"Living for three months in one room of my house, I have almost stopped moving except to walk from the fridge to the cooker to the sofa and back.

"All of a sudden the scales say 11st when they used to say eight. I have watched my body morph from slim to super-size desperately quickly. I now have a belly which measures obese at the clinic and I have thighs that thunder. I also have rolls and folds and more chins than I know what to do with. All that extra food had to go somewhere and I can see every last potato’s worth."

Her weight gain is set to be the subject of a two-part documentary to be aired early next year.

Meanwhile, noticeably heavier, she responded to rapper Professor Green's ice bucket challenge over the weekend.

She has nominated Lord Alan Sugar and Phillip Schofield.

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