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Careful Jeremy, your finger could get stuck up there

VETERAN Sky news reporter Jeremy Thompson got caught red handed live on air as he was broadcast picking his nose.

The news anchor who was dispatched to Oklahoma to cover the Tornado aftermath, was caught unawares when the bulletin cut to him as he stood around in the debris of the tornado.

The anchor is seen looking around him as he has a little poke around his nostril, before the camera quickly cuts back to the studio.

Twitter immediately picked up on his bad habit with one tweeting: "Good to see Jeremy Thompson on @SkyNews there giving us his very latest nose picking."

He is not the first news anchor to be caught unawares during a live broadcast.

Earlier this year RTE news presenter Aengus Mac Grianna became a You Tube hit, and even made it onto the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US, when a clip showing  him touching up his  make-up from a compact after cut to the studio and went out live.

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