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Brian McFadden – Vogue will be bitchy on Dancing with the stars


Brian McFadden with Vogue Williams. Photo: Getty Images

Brian McFadden with Vogue Williams. Photo: Getty Images

Brian McFadden with Vogue Williams. Photo: Getty Images

BRIAN McFadden has said his fiancee Vogue Willams will be bitchy when she appears on the Australian version of Dancing with the stars.

The former ‘Fade Street’ star will take part in the celebrity dancing competition which begins its run in two weeks.

McFadden was asked by National Features if Williams had begun to ‘trash talk’ her rivals, to which he said “Not yet, as soon as the live shows start, it'll be on...This one's a bitch. That one’s a…” to which Williams interjected “Shut up, you're making me sound like a bitch.”

Williams claims she has her eyes firmly on victory, saying “I don't think there's anybody in this who's not trying to win the show. Otherwise, why would you bother?”

McFadden claims Williams is very competitive, and that she has been checking Twitter updates of competitors to see how much training they’ve been doing – “She's already been scanning Twitter going, 'Erin is doing five hours, Kerri-Anne's doing six'. Then she's ringing her partner screaming, 'We've gotta do more hours'.”

The appearance will give Australian audiences the chance to get to know Williams, who is a relative unknown in the country, only recognised as the fiancee of McFadden.

Brian McFadden has seen his star rise down under since his high profile relationship with Australian singer Delta Goodrem and has since taken a seat on the panel of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.

“It's a great opportunity for people of Australia to get to know her, instead of just in magazines. She's got a great personality and this is going to be a great challenge.” McFadden said.

Williams isn’t worried about the public perception, saying “I'm just going to be myself and hope that people like me. I don't really feel the pressure.”

Australia’s version of dancing with the stars begins on April 15th.