Wednesday 20 November 2019

Ashleigh and Pudsey criticised by Kennel club as ‘degrading’

Ashleigh and Pudsey. Photo: Getty Images.
Ashleigh and Pudsey. Photo: Getty Images. reporters

BRITAIN’S Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey have been slammed by dog organisation kennel club for their ‘unnatural’ and ‘degrading’ moves.

The club has told future competitors at its shows that it has banned two moves used by the winners of the ITV talent show – the ‘wheelbarrow’ and the ‘footstand’.

The ‘wheelbarrow’ sees the dog dance on its front legs, while the ‘footstand’ sees the trainer lie on their back with their feet in the air while the dog stands on them.

Kennel Club's Caroline Kisko told The Sun: "They are going to have to look to other types of moves in order to make an impact.

"The priority is the dog's safety. We are trying to stop what we would see as demeaning for the dog”, she continued.

The RSPCA responded to the ban, saying: “Learning tricks, provided it is done in the right way, can be positive for a dog. If discomfort is caused then this should of course be stopped.”

“We are slightly surprised by the Kennel Club. We think they should be concentrating on improving the welfare of pedigree dogs, some of which are known to suffer painful conditions because of their improper breeding. This issue is far more important”, the statement concluded.

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