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Aine set for return to radio after all-clear in cancer battle

'MORNING Ireland' presenter Aine Lawlor is returning to the airwaves this summer following her battle with breast cancer.

The 50-year-old mother of four has been given the all-clear after undergoing her final radiation session on Monday.

Although she will still have to take medication and undergo follow-up exams for the foreseeable future, her future is looking bright.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer last October.

"There were days that were really terrible," she wrote in a column about her ordeal with the same aggressive form of cancer that killed her mother at the age of 47.

"After I was finished chemotherapy, I had to face into the reality of a mastectomy.

"A lumpectomy wasn't an option following the MRI scans, which found a bigger tumour. That was hardcore," she wrote.

Despite being vigilant for the symptoms of breast cancer and going for regular mammograms, Ms Lawlor said she initially ignored some of the warning signs -- including puckering of skin on her breast -- before a colleague's own ill-health prompted her to visit her GP.

After a few sleepless nights, she was given the grim news.

But for the sake of her husband, 2fm producer Ian Wilson, and their children David (23), twins Megan and Jack (18) and Ella (11), she put on a brave front as she confronted her illness.

Ms Lawlor said she was looking forward to returning to the morning show on a phased-in basis in the late summer.

But she hasn't let the grass grow in her absence and is happily indulging in her passion for gardening.

"I got all my tulip bulbs and daffodils in before I started chemotherapy," she wrote.

"I knew that in the spring, when I had finished the chemotherapy and surgery and my hair was starting to grow back, that they would be coming into flower.

"To me, that was really important, knowing these pots, which were as bare and looked as sad as me at the time, would be full of flowers," she said.

She will also be presenting segments from the Bloom garden show with RTE presenter Claire Byrne on June 1.

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