Saturday 7 December 2019

Aengus MacGrianna reveals legendary RTE anchor Anne Doyle will 'give him away' next month

Aengus MacGrianna & Terry Gill
Aengus MacGrianna & Terry Gill
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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Aengus Mac Grianna has revealed that ‘the lovely Anne Doyle’ will be giving him away when he weds his long-term boyfriend Terry Gill.

Speaking on tonight’s Late Late show, 49-year-old Mac Grianna tells presenter Ryan Tubridy that the legendary TV anchor will stand for him at next month’s humanist ceremony.

“Marriage for us is incredibly important and the timing suits us now – we don’t want to wait,” adds the well-known Irish newsreader, who plans to hold the same-sex ceremony in Ballymagarvery village in Co Meath.

Following their honeymoon, the couple intend to attend a registry office in London to legalise their union. 

Mac Grianna, who grew up in Raheny, Dublin, came out about his sexuality shortly after leaving school.  “It was late 80s and Ireland was a very different country then,” he said on the RTE show.

“It was a very difficult time but I hated lying to my family and friends.”

Partner Terry (39), who’s "extremely proud" mum will be giving him away at the wedding, waited until he was 29 years of age before he made the decision to come out. “My life changed that day – it was great.”

It was around this time, “over ten years ago”, that the pair met in Dublin bar ‘The Front Lounge’ while Aengus was out with colleagues for “a liquid lunch” and “the rest is history”.

“I was pushing 40,” he joked when presenter Ryan Tubridy said he didn’t waste any time. “I just knew it was different from the very beginning,” he added.

“It was very immediate – there was definitely a spark straight away,” agreed fiancé Terry.

‘Bossy’ MacGrianna told his partner five years into their decade-long relationship that Terry would have to propose to him if they were to get married.

  “It was five years ago that we had that conversation and it was four years later that I proposed,” laughed Terry, who popped the question to his partner after he returned from the Masterchef final in Dubai.

Celebrity MasterChef runner-up Aengus became an instant internet sensation after footage of him touching up his make-up and fixing his tie was aired accidentally on RTE's digital news channel last year.

“I was told there was two minutes to air, but there was a problem with a clock in the studio,” he told Ryan tonight.

“Thank God all I said was ‘what?’ It could have been a lot worse.”

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