Thursday 23 May 2019

Adrian Kennedy to quit FM104 show and join rival 98 in new daytime slot

Daytime move: Jeremy Dixon and Adrian Kennedy will leave FM104
Daytime move: Jeremy Dixon and Adrian Kennedy will leave FM104
Adrian Kennedy

Ken Sweeney

The radio war between Pat Kenny and Sean O'Rourke is about to get a late entry.

Adrian Kennedy is to leave his popular FM104 Phoneshow to join rival station 98FM.

The Herald can reveal that Kennedy and his on-air producer are to present a daytime show on the Dublin station.

After 16 years taking late-night calls, they are being poached to bring their unique double act to mid-mornings.

"There is no bad feeling. No one minds working nights but after 16 years Adrian and Jeremy have simply had enough and want a daytime job," revealed an insider.

It's understood that the two hosts have already signed with 98FM but must remain with FM104 for a further six months.

The departure of Kennedy and Dixon will be a major blow to FM104 as their late-night phone show was a key part of the station's overtaking long-time rival 98FM.

In the most recent JNLR figures, Kennedy and Dixon saw an increase of 4.5pc to their late-night chat show, making it the most popular programme in the night-time slot on Irish radio with 46,000 listeners.

However, radio chiefs believe they can take their audience to daytime radio with the same mix of lively debate and on-air comedy.

"Adrian and Jeremy have spent years working together, building up a chemistry between them, which has led to their audience increasing steadily. People love ringing in to talk to them and it will be the same on daytime radio," said an insider.

Writing for the Herald in 2010, Adrian described his show as "raw, gritty, real-life Dublin -- not the sugar-coated version of life we'd all like to believe we live" and pointed out that one-third of their audience was 'posh people', the ABC1 demographic.


No details have been given of the money deal that brings them to 98FM but Kennedy (47) has joked money was never a motivation in his career.

"I spent three years doing community radio in Bray because I loved it".

Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon are the latest big names to sign with 98FM after Ray Foley joined the station as breakfast host last October.


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