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Adrian Chiles quits BBC for ITV deal and job on GMTV sofa


Adrian Chiles. Photo: Getty Images

Adrian Chiles. Photo: Getty Images

Adrian Chiles. Photo: Getty Images

Adrian Chiles has quit the BBC to become a GMTV presenter and the face of ITV football in a £4 million (€4.5m) deal.

He is furious that BBC bosses decided to replace him with Chris Evans on Friday's edition of The One Show, the BBC One series he co-hosts with Christine Bleakley.

His four-year, exclusive deal with ITV - for which he will be paid £1 million (€1.1m) per year - was unveiled today.

In a surprise move, he will host GMTV five days a week.

Chiles will also replace Steve Rider as the face of ITV's football coverage, starting with the World Cup in June. ITV also broadcasts the FA Cup, the Champions League and some England games. He currently presents the BBC's Match of the Day 2.

The third part of Chiles' deal is a factual entertainment series, which will air in 2011.

In a statement, Chiles blamed Jay Hunt, BBC One controller, for making changes to The One Show.

"The chance to front ITV's football coverage and GMTV would have proved an irresistible opportunity at the best of times. But, coming as it did at an awkward period for me at the BBC, it made the decision to leave not quite as hard as it might have been," he said.

"I would have been happy to stay at the BBC doing the same shows on the same terms, especially The One Show, of which I am so proud having worked on it since the first pilots four years ago.

"It's no secret how disappointed I was by the controller's decision to change an apparently successful and well-loved show at this stage, but fully respect her right to do so and sincerely wish her and the brilliant One Show team well with it.

"I've spent all my working life at the BBC, working with and learning from some of the best people in the business. I will miss all my friends and colleagues very much but can't wait to get started with new people on two major new challenges for me at ITV."

Peter Fincham, ITV's director of television, said: "Adrian is a brilliant presenter, journalist and football fanatic - I'm very much looking forward to working with him again when he joins ITV.

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"He has the rare talent of being able to make television presenting look effortless. He will be at home at ITV whether it is on our flagship breakfast programme or in the football studio."

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