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Actress Dervla Kirwan has 'massive' public row with her mother-in-law admits husband


Actress Dervla Kirwan. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Dervla Kirwan. Photo: Getty Images

Rupert Penry Jones and wife Dervla Kirwan.

Rupert Penry Jones and wife Dervla Kirwan.


Actress Dervla Kirwan. Photo: Getty Images

RUPERT Penry-Jones, the star of Spooks, has disclosed that his wife, Ballykissangel star Dervla Kirwan, and his mother had a heated row at a celebrated London restaurant.

Brave is the man who talks about tensions between his wife and his mother, but Rupert Penry-Jones is prepared to put his head above the parapet.

The star of Spooks and Whitechapel revealed that the Dublin actress, whom he married in 2007, became involved in an almighty row with his mother, Angela Thorne, who is best known as Marjory Frobisher in the hit Eighties sitcom To the Manor Born.

To make matters worse, the altercation took place in the sophisticated surroundings of a St James’s restaurant favoured by the rich and famous. “It was at The Wolseley with my wife and mother,” said Penry-Jones, 41.

“The two of them proceeded to have a massive argument before the food even arrived. I failed to make peace, and ended up getting shouted at, too.”

He did not say what the argument was about, but admitted that it became so heated that the three of them felt unable to enjoy their food. “We didn’t eat, and left in separate taxis,” he said. “It was a total disaster.”

The actor has two children by Kirwan, 40, whom he met when they starred in a stage production of JB Priestley’s Dangerous Corner.

The 40-year-old Irish actress is best known for her roles in Ballykissangel and Goodnight Sweetheart. She also provided the seductive voiceover in the Marks & Spencer advertisements. “This is not just food,” she purred.