Monday 23 October 2017

10 Things we now know about the new series of Homeland

Spoiler alert: Look away now if you don’t want to know but we have brought together all the snippets that have been revealed about the third series of Homeland and a very distinct picture is starting to emerge. The show which is due to air at the end of the year left viewers on tenterhooks as we watched Brody vanish into hiding and become America’s most wanted man.

1. Brody will be back.  There was initially doubt at whether we’d see Nicholas Brody again but he’s definitely returning to the show.

2. Brody won’t appear until at least the third episode. In fact Brody’s entire presence on the hit CIA drama has been scaled back throughout the entire series.

3. Carrie’s mentor Saul becomes director of the CIA. As boss, Saul is forced to decide whether Carrie can be trusted to perform in the country’s best interest.

4. Carrie’s depression sinks to new lows as a result of Saul not trusting her. Danes said: "It's pretty bleak in the beginning. She's gone off her meds for all sorts of reasons.”

5. Carrie will spend the majority of the first part of the series in isolation. Danes explained: "I miss my acting buddies, because Carrie's been in isolation for a good chunk of this season," said Danes, who is partway through filming the season. "And it's only now that she's started to team up with the more familiar characters."

6. The CIA is on trial because it couldn’t prevent the  bombing at the end of season two.

7. The Brody family will remain. "There was unanimous interest in the Brody family," executive producer Gansa said and particularly in "what will their lives be like after this devastating attack"

8. Quinn will play a larger role in the new season. Actor Rupert Friend was rolled out as one of the main stars in the recent promotion and thus looks likely to be a main focus of this upcoming season.

9. Carrie and Quinn may get close. There have been hints that Quinn may become the one person Carrie can turn to with Brody gone and Saul not trusting her.

Rupert Friend, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis
Rupert Friend, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

10. There will be international locations featured. Israel and Puerto Rico to name just two and the CIA launch an international manhunt to find Brody.

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