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Monday 16 December 2019

10 of the best...moments from Friends

Aishling Phelan

This week marks 10 years since the final episode of iconic sitcom Friends.

For most of us, the show still forms part of our daily routine after growing up alongside the six quirky characters.

The show’s most famous quotes – and there are a lot of them – still pop up in every day conversations.

If you’re hoisting a heavy object up the stairs, someone is sure to shout out ‘‘PI-vot!’’ and of course if someone offers you chewing gum, ‘‘gum would be perfection.’’

With plenty to choose from, we run though our top 10 favourite things about the hilarious sitcom that defined a generation.


Rachel’s hair

It has been decades since women walked into their local hair salon and asked for ‘‘The Rachel’’, but we still haven’t forgot those voluminous locks.

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle became just as famous as the show itself, with fans worldwide lusting after the bouncing layered cut.

However the actress herself doesn’t get the craze. She has since called it "the ugliest haircut I've ever seen".

‘‘We were on a break’’

This famous recurring line throughout the series set the standards for all couples defining rules for when they go on a ‘‘break’’.

It found its roots in the third series when Ross and Rachael have an explosive argument and after deciding to take a ‘‘break’’, Ross sleeps with Chloe... the copy-girl.

The phrase even made it into the final episode of the sitcom when the pair finally decide to reunite, with Ross wondering, ‘‘Unless we’re on a break.’’



He’s pretty but not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Ladies’ man Joey Tribbiani uttered some of the most bizarre one-liners on the show, along with his unforgettable catchphrase ‘‘How YOU doin?’’

His pure stupidity and touch of innocence gave way to some great phrases including ‘‘Joey doesn't share food!’’ and ‘‘but it hurts my Joeys Apple!’’


Smelly Cat

Phoebe Buffay created some pretty comical and sometimes disturbing songs, but Smelly Cat emerged as her trademark number.

‘‘Smelly cat, smelly cat. What are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat. It’s not your fault.’’

Some very deep and eloquent lyrics that landed Smelly Cat with its own cheesy music video.


The London episodes

When the group, minus pregnant Phoebe, travelled to London for Ross’ wedding, the show was jam-packed with hilarious game-changing story lines.

Ross destroyed his relationship with Emily by blurting out Rachael’s name on the alter and Chandler and Monica sparked their secret relationship after a drunken night of passion.

However, an enthusiastic Joey had the most fun in ‘‘London Baby!’’ after stepping into his map, dragging Chandler around on the open-top bus and bumping into the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

Moving to Yemen to get out of a relationship

Chandler Bing’s failure to commit and nervousness around women provided many laughs in the early episodes of the series.

His fear of ‘‘mascara goop’’ and his rambling excuse of how he was moving to Yemen to break up with Janice – even making it to the airport - meant he was a disaster when it came to handling women.

He even admits himself in a moment of weakness, ‘‘I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.’’

Celebrity guests

Friends has welcomed a host of famous faces to its set from 50-year-old stripper Roy "Goodbody", played by Danny Devito to the newly-gorgeous old college buddy Will Colbert, played by Brad Pitt.

It seemed a string of celebrities wanted a piece of Friends magic and a spot on the successful show as a guest star.

Actor Ben Stiller made a hilarious appearance as a petulant and fiery-tempered date for Rachel, while supermodel Brooke Shields had sides-splitting as the deranged fan of Dr. Drake Ramoray on ‘‘Days of our Lives’’.



‘‘Ohhhh myyyy GOD!’’

The phrase that haunted Chandler Bing even until the final series of the show.

Chandler’s on-off girlfriend turns up when we least expect it with her thick nasal voice, bellowing like a foghorn and sending chills down the gang’s spines.

The New Yorker would throw her head back and let out a cackle when she laughed at her own jokes and she even exposed Ross’ famous ‘‘hug and roll’’ move in bed.


Gunther was the owner of Central Perk and as Rachel put it, had hair ‘‘brighter than the sun’’.

From his infatuation with Rachel to his expert skills at sprinkling and serving up cappuccinos, everyone loved weird Gunther.

His attempts to make himself part of the gang and struggle to declare his love for Rachel, provided many awkwardly-funny Friends moments.


Marcel the monkey

When Ross was going through a hard time after breaking up with his wife Carol, he sought comfort in a cheeky monkey called Marcel.

Their weird relationship lasted several episodes and ended with the group of friends belting out Marcel’s favourite song ‘‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’’when they went to visit him on a film set.

The monkey apparently had a penchant for Jennifer Aniston’s hair and would regularly pounce on her and pull out of her long locks while on set.



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