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10 great ads

Here's our list of some of the best ads on TV:

Guinness: Take your pick from the horse surfer, the 'Anticipation' ad (starring a dancing Joe McKinney) or the domino-effect Tipping Point promo.

Nescafe: From 1987 to 1992, Anthony Stewart Head and Sharon Maughan flirted over the Gold Blend throughout 12 different adverts -- and we were all hooked.

Cadbury's: A gorilla, a drum kit, and Phil Collins' song, 'In The Air Tonight'. A monster is born.

Nike: The world's biggest football superstars compete against one another in 'The Cage', with Eric Cantona as ref, and Elvis blaring out 'A Little Less Conversation'.

Sony Bravia: 250,000 brightly coloured balls bounce down a San Francisco street to the tune of Jose Gonzalez' 'Heartbeats'.

Budweiser: Who could ever forget (as much as we tried) the 'Bud', 'Weis', 'Er' frogs or the 'Wassup' gang?

Schweppes: Visually stunning ad in which a variety of balloons filled with the drink burst in extra slow motion to capture that 'Schweppervescence'.

Honda: The astounding two-minute 'Cog' advert for the Accord car, consisting of a chain reaction arrangement of car parts.

Carlsberg: The various "Carlsberg don't do ... but if they did ... " ads still haven't got old.

Coke: The shamelessly evocative Christmas ad that should be hitting screens any day now.

"Holidays are coming ... "

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