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Zoolander grabs phone from front-row fan for blue-steel selfies


Ben Stiller, in character as Derek Zoolander, grabbed a phone from the hands of a selfie-taking fan to 'Blue Steel' down the runway.

The phone belonged to popular Snapchat star Jerome Jarre and he was taking a selfie video in the front row of Paris Fashion Week as cult character 'Zoolander' was walking down the runway.

To his (apparent) surprise, the actor grabbed the phone and continued down the runway with it still recording, making the character's infamous 'Blue Steel' face as he walked.

However, the incident was more than likely pre-planned as Jarre had been officially invited to share 'behind the scenes' photos and videos to his millions of followers on Snapchat and Facebook, and had posed with the star backstage before the show began.

The video received over 8m views overnight on Jarre's Facebook page and even received a 'like' and a share from Ben Stiller himself.

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