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YouTube video of LGBT dance proposal in Home Depot goes viral

A video of a Spencer Stout proposing to his boyfriend in the Home Depot in Salt Lake City has racked up almost half a million views.

Spencer Stout proposed to his boyfriend Dustin in Home Depot, but he didn't do it alone.

Stout arranged for family and friends to arrive in the department store following a dance routine by a group of dancers. Some family members were carrying iPads on which absent family members could be seen via Skype, and some even joined the dancing troupe.

According to the poster, Dustin arrived at the Home Depot thinking he was there to "help his roommate pick out some lighting for a party". Upon arrival, "he was taken to the lumber aisle" where he watched the scene unfold from a step ladder. He even whipped out his phone to record the scene in front of him.

The proposal unfolded to the song 'Somebody Loves You' by the band 'Betty Who'. Stout walked in holding a sign reading "If I'm good to you, won't you be good to me?" as the lyric rang out over the speakers. He handed the sign to his boyfriend and joined in the dancing before finally dropping to one knee.

The clip has recieved almost half a million views in two days and has been featured on sites like Buzzfeed and ABC.



The couple have thanked all of their "amazing family and friends for their continued love and support".

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