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YouTube sensation 'Tiny Hamster' takes tiny hamster girlfriend on teeny-tiny Valentine's Day date



In quite possibly the cutest trending 'news' of the day, internet sensation 'Tiny Hamster' has uploaded a new YouTube video - in which he takes his tiny girlfriend to eat tiny spaghetti in a tiny Lady-And-The-Tramp-themed Valentine's date.

Tiny hamster arrives for the date in a tiny Italy on a tiny gondola with his girlfriend by his side.

They then eat tiny spaghetti, prepared lovingly for them by their normal-sized owner, who keenly watches the progress of the date from a respectable distance.

Cute and romantic they may be, but both parties' eating habits could use some work!

Watch the video below.

It was recently announced that Tiny Hamster will be getting his own children's book in Summer 2015.

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