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YouTube comedy troupe Janoskians on One Direction - 'they did steal 'What Makes You Beautiful' off us'

Independent.ie spoke to the Janoskians, the famous YouTube comedy troupe, while they were in Ireland on their 'Got Cake' tour.

The fivesome described their new tour as "the most random show you'll ever see", laughing "We throw it together a week before".

Janoskians stands for 'Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation' and the group are originally from Melbourne, having relocated to LA to expand on their YouTube fame. Their videos include pranks, 'gross-out humour', dares and skits.

Brothers Beau, Jay and Luke Brooks made up one third of the group. Friends Daniel Sahyounie (Skip) and James Yammouni make five. Luke and Jai are twins and Luke, Jay and Jai dropped out of secondary school when the group took off on YouTube.

They signed with Sony Australia based on their YouTube success and now have four (comedy) singles - of which, one peaked at number 37 in the UK charts.

The pranksters jokes that "Five girls get a chance to win a kiss" at their show, and joked about a 'beef' with One Direction.

"They did steal 'What Makes You Beautiful' off us... We had our lyrics written down... they ran out of the room with our lyrics".

"We chased them but... he had a gun".

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