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Youth Defence Website Hacked with pro-same sex marriage message

The website of the pro-life organisation 'Youth Defence' has been hacked and the homepage replaced with a pro-same sex marriage message.

This morning, instead of the homepage of the Youth Defence website, www.youthdefence.ie showed a single image of the controversial mural on Dublin's George's Street.

The mural, featuring two men hugging, was erected to support a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming same sex marriage referendum in May with the words 'VOTE YES' above. it was painted by artist Joe Cashlin and went viral online both for it's creation and a subsequent 'egging'.

No organisation has claimed responsibility for the hacking.

Normally, the website’s text reads: “We are Ireland’s most active pro-life organisation".

“Whether we’re students, office-slaves, brickies or teachers, we’ve one thing in common: we know that abortion is wrong. That’s why we work to protect mothers and babies from being killed and exploited by the abortion industry.”

In January 2013, the anti-abortion group rejected criticism of its use of controversial images in their ad campaign.

Members of the group appeared before the Oireachtas Health Committee where FG’s Jerry Buttimer told them their campaign methodology “needs to be reviewed”.

FG Senator Martin Cownay branded their billboard campaigns “appalling”’.

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