Wednesday 11 December 2019

Woman shoots heavily pregnant friend in stomach over Facebook spat

The video of the scene
The video of the scene
Florida woman Virginia Wyche
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A WOMAN has shot her heavily pregnant friend in the stomach over a Facebook argument.

Florida woman Virginia Wyche (35) shot her six month pregnant best friend Markeisha Brooks (23) in the stomach, killing her unborn child.

It is reported that the the two friends had been arguing on Facebook the night before the shooting.

"They were arguing out front, something about Facebook. I walked out and just heard a pop," witness Christopher Cash told local station WAWS.

Brooks was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, however medics managed to save her life.

Suspect Wyche appeared in court yesterday and is being held on a $1m bond.

People in the neighbourhood spoke of their shock, with many saying Wyche was a kind person.

"I didn't know anything bad about her. And they were friends. It really shocked me," said another witness.

"You don't hear fighting and arguing and that type of stuff up in here."

"Because (Wyche) was a good kind-hearted person," he said.

"She loved everybody and helped everybody out that she could. She didn't bother nobody, she stayed to herself."

The suspect's mother Lillian Jordan said: "Somebody had to provoke my child ... to do what she did".

A video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting showed Brooks hunched over on a chair clutching her stomach.

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