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What's trending on Twitter today - and why


Ever wondered why something is trending on Twitter, or what it means? We're going to explain today's Twitter trends and why they are trending.


Vince McMahon, WWE & #Raw

These are trending due to the announcement that Vince McMahon, owner of WWE, is thought to be interested in buying the Newcastle United Premier League football team. Read more below.

Vince McMahon reported to be 'sniffing around' Newcastle United with a view to takeover bid



Somebody to love refers to a documentary aired on RTE last night by Anna Rodgers, the woman behind the 'Hold On Tight' documentary - which focused on same-sex relationships. 

Somebody to love is an "Observational documentary focusing on the romantic lives and experiences of people with physical or mental disabilities."

You can watch it back on the RTE player here.


Neil Francis

Neil Francis is a rugby pundit who appeared on 'Off The Ball' recently. Get up-to-date on the story below.

Neil Francis at the centre of Twitter storm after controversial radio comments

Rugby pundit Neil Francis apologises for 'clumsy' gay comments




The E4 show is till trending today from it's return to screens at 10pm last night. It led the TV Tweets last night with over 64,000 tweets about the show, with a majority of viewing tweeters being female.


#MooneBoy and Teen Wolf also refer to TV shows, the former being the current platform for Irish star Chris O' Dowd, and the latter being a fantasy American drama.




'PointlessBlog' is the name of a British YouTube sensation with 1.9m subscribers, and his followers got this term trending as they attempt to push his followers on Twitter past the 1m mark. They managed it, and the video star now has over 1m followers on the social network.


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