Wednesday 20 November 2019

'What's the feckin' fuss?' - Ireland's 'Mammy-in-chief' Mrs. Brown calls for marriage equality

Clare Cullen

Mrs. Brown and Lenny Abrahamson have joined forces for a yes vote in the upcoming marriage equality referendum on May 22nd.

An independent promo starring Ireland’s “Mammy-in-chief”, Mrs. Agnes Brown, and directed by top Irish director Lenny Abrahamson has come out today in support of marriage equality, urging everyone to play their part and vote in May’s referendum.

In the video, Mrs. Brown shares the reasons she will be voting yes.

 “Nothing beats the joy and contentment I feel knowing that my son Rory has just as much opportunity for happiness as everybody else's son. And that's all I ask for him, the opportunity".

Brendan O' Carroll, in character as the loveable Mrs. Brown, reminds her 'son' Rory that there was a time when things we take for granted weren't so accepted.

"Go out and vote, that's the important thing - Rory, did you know there was a time when women couldn't vote?"

"Back in my day... there was a big hoo-ha about mixed marriages... they still went and got married. And the world didn't end... and we all grew up a little bit".

"Getting married isn't easy... changing the law isn't easy and changing attitude is even harder. But we can do it. We did it before, and the world didn't end".

Attempting to lighten the mood, Mrs. Brown adds "And keep in mind, support midgets", to which Rory shakes his head. "Wha, they asked me to make it funny!"

Ireland's 'Mammy-in-chief' is asking Irish people to share this video with anyone you know who might need a bit of convincing from Ireland's most convincing woman.

Activist Buzz O’Neill and writer Mark O’Halloran approached a team of top Irish filmmakers and asked them to give them their time and expertise pro-bono to make the promo. In addition to Abrahamson, producers Rob Walpole and Rebecca O’Flanagan from Treasure Entertainment came on board to produce the video and Brendan O’Carroll not only starred as Mrs Brown but also wrote the script.

The clip was shot in the SSE Hydro in Glasgow by Irish DOP James Mather, during Mrs. Browns sell-out UK tour.

MCD Productions covered the costs of the project. MCD's Caroline Downey said that MDCD "are proud to support a yes vote on may 22nd” and that the company was "more than happy" to help the cause.

The referendum on marriage equality will take place on May 22nd .

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