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Watch: Kanye almost interrupts another acceptance speech at the Grammys

A clip of Kanye almost repeating the infamous Taylor Swift incident of 2009 has been viewed over 7m times.


Band 'Beck' won 'Album of The Year' gong at the Grammys last night and Kanye was snapped almost "pulling a Kanye".

The rapper walked up to the mic but appeared to change his mind and return to his seat.

The lead singer of the band called out for him to come back to laughter from the audience.

It seems that this time the noticeably calmer singer was poking some fun at his own expense as per the big smile and his giggling back in his seat beside his wife.

Jay-Z's "horrified" reaction was also captured for the micro-vlogging social media site, being viewed over 8m times.

In the clip, Jay Z clearly believes the rapper is about to repeat his infamous Taylor Swift interruption, before realising the joke.

In other news, Kanye and Taylor Swift appear to have made up for the 2009 moment at the MTV video awards, in which Kanye interrupted the young award winner to say "I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best video of all time".

The phrase "I'mma let you finish" soon became a worldwide meme and still exists today in different forms.

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