Monday 24 June 2019

WATCH - Irish girl struggles to solve simple riddle

Sarah-Jane Murphy

It's hardly Mastermind.

Poor Sarah becomes increasingly confused and perplexed as her unseen passenger repeatedly asks her to solve an aviation related riddle.

"There was a plane crash between JFK and Mexico airport, where were the survivors buried?" her friend probed.

"In Mexico?

"What's between JKF and Mexico?

"I don't know," a frustrated Sarah replies.

Her questioner stresses that she should 'think about it carefully.'

Finally she gives poor Sarah a clue.

"Think about the question Sarah.

"The question."

Sarah hilariously retorts : "I wasn't at the funeral was I?"

Watch the video and see if you can solve the puzzle for yourself.

Clue : Contradiction

Thanks to Edel Donnelly for the video

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