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Monday 19 August 2019

WATCH: Hilarious moment Irish woman tries to get rid of a spider

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

A sneaky spider proved too much for two Irish friends who had a battle on their hands as they tried to move it.

Anyone who is afraid of the eight-legged creatures will no doubt be able to empathise with this clip of Eve Savage and Lorraine Walsh, whose Saturday afternoon ended in terrified screams when they saw the spider.

The pair, who are from Tralee in Co Kerry, were doing a spot of cleaning yesterday when they noticed the spider  above the door, Lorraine (35) is not a fan of the insects but decided to move her unwanted guest with the help of a hoover.

Eve (40) told Independent.ie: "Lorraine wouldn’t walk out of kitchen as the spider was over the door.

"So I had to get Hetty The Hoover as she wouldn’t go into hallway and told her to get him that way.

"I have no fear of spiders and refused to do it!"

While Lorraine was shrieking with fear, the pair also got a good belly laugh and luckily Eve was on hand to film the chaos that ensued.

A spider isn't the only thing to cause a fuss in a Kerry household:

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