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WATCH: Bust-up after driver attempts to take selfie of traffic warden issuing him a ticket

A traffic warden and a van driver were caught on camera fighting after the driver tried to take a selfie of him handing him a ticket.

The footage shows the van driver attempting to take a selfie on his phone as the warden issues him a ticket.

The warden tries to grab the mobile phone, before it falls on the pavement.

The men grapple on the footpath before both men called the local police in Manchester, both claiming they had been assaulted by the other man.

The traffic warden also told police there was 'an aggressive male trying to film him'.

Police told Manchester Evening News they are not taking action on either of the complaints and are considering the argument a 'minor dispute'.

However, a council spokesman said the traffic warden's behaviour was 'entirely inappropriate' and they are considering disciplinary action.

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