Friday 17 January 2020

Three Irish college students winging their way around Europe - with no cash, cards, or phones - in survival challenge

From left to right: Gareth Jordan, Katie Mannion, and Conor Bradshaw.
From left to right: Gareth Jordan, Katie Mannion, and Conor Bradshaw.
The Irish team describe themselves as "a business woman, a pro chancer and a sh*t hot videographer".
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Three Irish college students are currently winging their way around Europe - with no phones, cards or cash - as part of a survival challenge.

Conor Bradshaw (20), Katie Mannion (21), and Gareth Jordan (20), otherwise known as the ‘Paddy’s in Paris’, are competing in the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ Challenge.

The adventurous trio left Ireland on Monday, and their challenge is to travel from Barcelona to Paris, using only Red Bull cans as their currency.

"Over the next 7 days we are uncontactable - with no phones, cards or cash. We will be racing through European cities using RedBull as our only means of currency for food, travel and accommodation as we aim for our final destination – Paris,” Katie said in her last Facebook post before departure.

Yesterday, they traded two crates of Red Bull for three bus tickets to Geneva, Switzerland at Molly Malone's pub in Bordeaux. The team also tucked into meals of burger and chips, after 48 hours of eating raisins and rice cakes.

So far, they've posted videos about their experiences making wine at a Bordeaux vineyard, and from the bull ring in Pamplona, Spain. 

They have talked their way out of paying a motorway toll fee while driving to San Sebastian, and they have driven 700 kilometres across Spain in a nine seater van with two German teams participating in the same challenge.

The Irish team are competing with 165 other international groups that were chosen from a total of 3,000 applicants.

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