Wednesday 22 May 2019

This will make you feel old - the 'Charlie Bit My Finger' boys are all grown up

Clare Cullen

CBBC reached out to the stars of the world's most famous viral video, 'Charlie Bit My Finger' to see what life is like for the duo eight years on.

On the tenth anniversary of the first ever upload to YouTube, CBBC caught up with arguably the most famous viral icons on the platform.

Eight years ago the two brothers went viral for a clip in which young Charlie bit his brother Harry's finger, and eight years later the video stands at an impressive 816m views.

It was the most watched video on the platform for almost seven years, before being knocked off the throne by PSY and his massive hit 'Gangnam Style'.

The boys' father says he uploaded the clip so family abroad could watch it as it was 'too big' to email - and that simple decision has resulted in a cultural classic.

Charlie(9) and Harry (11) told the that they still find internet stardom "a bit odd".

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