Thursday 17 October 2019

The survey says: Manchester United and Chelsea fans are the least attractive

13% of those questioned said they would never date a rival fan
13% of those questioned said they would never date a rival fan

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Manchester United and Chelsea supporters are the least lusted after in the Premier League, a survey has found.

Dating website questioned over 1,000  British female football fans as to which club boasted the most hunky and datable fans.

Manchester United supporters were ranked the least attractive, with 10% of respondents replying that they would refuse a date with a Red Devil supporter.

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However it was Chelsea that took the crown of 'least attractive fans'.

It was good news for newly-promoted Bournemouth who took top honours in the survey, with more than half of respondents stating that they would gladly date a Cherries fan.

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Interestingly 13% of those questioned admitted they would never date a fan from a rival club.

More than one in five said they have skipped dates or nights with a partner in favour of following their team and almost one in ten claim football is more important to them than their love life.

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