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The simplest app in the world?


The Yo app Picture: Google play store

The Yo app Picture: Google play store

The Yo app Picture: Google play store

If you have gotten tired of complicated app or writing in full sentences, boy do we have the app for you.

Yo, the new messaging app, is the simplest app so far. All it does is allow you to send the word “Yo” to your friends. That’s it.

Its being hailed as “the simplest & most efficient communication tool in the world”

It’s hard to tell if its ironic or not but the “one tap app” is being called a million dollar idea and has over 5000 downloads on android in just four days.

The app is calling itself a “single-tap zero character communication tool”. It appears to conform to the new way of seeing apps, that they are put on the market and let consumers and users decide for themselves what and how to use it; “The possibilities are endless”.

The free app doesn’t ask for details, doesn’t make you connect with Facebook it just lets you send Yo to your contacts.

It was apparently designed in eight hours and is being looked into be venture capitalists.

Its available for free on Android and iOS. 

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