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The moment a British Queen's Guard soldier lost it and drew his gun at annoying tourist


The moment the tourist went too far. Credit: Youtube

The moment the tourist went too far. Credit: Youtube

The moment the tourist went too far. Credit: Youtube

Another day, another member of the British Queen's Guard getting angry at a tourist.

With their distinctive red coats and black hats, the troops are a big attraction for tourists visiting England, with their debonair attire not really making them appear that frightening.

Yet the guards have begun to fight back at tourists not taking them seriously: just a few weeks after footage emerged of a photographer being barged into by troops as he stood in their way, a lone Guardsman has now scared off a pestering tourist in a video that will hopefully go a long way in ensuring Her Majesty's body guards get a bit more respect.

The video, which reportedly was filmed at Windsor Castle, shows a tourist mimicking the guard's march. Someone off camera can be heard joking that "his gun is jammed", implying that the tourist had no reason to worry that he was mocking a man with a huge gun.



However, it all becomes too much for the guard when the tourist takes it to the next level and puts his arm on the shoulder of the soldier. The guard instantly turns to towards the tourist and shouts, "Step back from the Queen's Guard."

The terrified tourist quickly panics and runs away.

The Queen's Guard is name given to soldiers charged with guarding the official royal residences.

While the Queen has a number of homes, the guards are only mounted  at her official London residencies (Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace), as well as Windsor and Holyroodhouse in Scotland.

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